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Were Shakespeare be transported into the 21st century, and he was more of a locksmith than a poet, he might be working for Bellevue locksmith, Safety Locksmith services, and instead of writing Hamlet, he might be writing one of the most common questions asked of our locksmith Bellevue technicians: “to rekey or change locks, that is the question.”

As a full-service Locksmith Bellevue, who offers everything you want a Bellevue locksmith to provide, from simple lockout services to broken key extraction and everything related to locks, we know a thing or two about answering the proverbial question: to rekey or change locks?

When to Rekey Locks

Why would you want to rekey your locks?

First, whenever you move into a new home or apartment, you’ll want to rekey your locks. And the reason is obvious. You do not know how many people have keys to your new home or apartment.

If there might be a number of people who have a key to your home that you would not want inside your home, you may want to rekey your locks.

If you recently moved into a new home or apartment, rekeying your locks is a safe choice.

Because you never know who really holds those keys, for your families safety, you will want to get the locks rekeyed.

If You Lose Your Keys

Another reason to rekey your locks is if you lose your keys.

Of course, we can open your front door on a lock-out and our Bellevue locksmith service are excellent at responding, and can make you a new set of house keys, or the front door to your small business, but we prefer to rekey the locks to provide you with added protection.

This will ensure that any old keys that may have been made are no longer valid, and it will give you peace of mind. If someone did get ahold of your key and used it, they will no longer be able to unlock the door because the lock has been rekeyed to accept only the new keys.

When Should You Replace Your Locks?

Although it does cost more money to have your locks replaced, there are obvious advantages to doing so.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many older locks, perhaps designed in a time where there were less sophisticated thieves and far fewer break-ins, are designed poorly.

Unfortunately, many early door locks can be broken into in a matter of seconds. And there are dozens of internet articles about how to open a door without a key, or how to open a door within 5 seconds without a key. There are even videos on YouTube essentially teaching you the techniques to become a burglar.

Unfortunately, chances are that you may not even realize until it’s pointed out to you by a locksmith, just how vulnerable you are with the locks on your home or apartment.

As professional locksmiths, we will gladly inspect your locks and advise you whether they provide poor, good, or the best security for you and your family.

Every 15 seconds there is a break-in in the U.S. and most break-ins occur during the daytime when potential burglars know that nobody is at home.

And yes, most homeowners at least, have insurance, but typically the insurance will only cover around 80 percent or less of the actual value of the items stolen.

And if you have poor home locks, a burglar can be in and out of your home in less than 2 minutes with thousands of dollars worth of goods such as costly electronics.

Best Locksmith Service in Bellevue

So, while many people can get by with a simple lockout service and possibly a re-key, a substantial number of our customers, satisfied by our prompt response to their lock-out problem, elect to have us professionally assess the security of their homes.

Even the most expensive locks in the business are fairly cheap, at only around $300.


Another reason for having your locks changed, besides the added security, is aesthetics.

The trend now is more and more to go with electronic locks. An electronic lock is not only safer, but its sleek design provides better aesthetics than a traditional lock.

The Bottom Line

Safety Locksmith in Bellevue is your local, experienced locksmith who can provide for all your home security needs.

Contact us today at (425) 307- 4319. We answer the phone 24 hours per day, and can provide you with the best locksmith services in the area.

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