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History of Bellevue, WA

Do you know that Bellevue is the fifth largest city in Washington? Well, the settlement in bellevue Washington began in 1863. The first people to settle there were Aaron and Ann Mercer. They got a stake of 80 acres along Mercer Slough. By 1869, they were staying on their property.

More settlers came in as early as 1880s. They then begun to supply fresh farm produce to Seattle as it was growing fast. The city had to introduce Regular Ferry services in the 1880s, to link its Eastside communities with the markets in the neighboring Seattle via Madison and Leschi Park. Most farmers had families hence need for a school. In1883, the first school was set in a log cabin in the Enatai area. In 1900, the resident population was about 400. Civilization was seen and by 1907 phone services were available and also mercantile store began operation in Medina.

Other changes in the history of Bellevue WA are;

  • In 1913_ There was the introduction of car ferry services in Leschi. After every 15 minutes, the car left Leschi dock and made a stop at Meydenbauer and Medina Bay.
  • In 1925_ It held the first strawberry festival to mean it was a Peaceful farming town.
  • In 1940_ There was a drastic change. Ferry services came to an end after opening the Mercer Island floating bridge.
  • In the 1950s_ There was its incorporation as a third-class city. Its population was about 5940. The growing population boosts the customers base to farmers and retailers.
  • In the 1970s to 1990s _ The building of Puget Power and other modest building centers of business. In the 1980s taller buildings and large offices were sprouting from Factorial to East gate.
  • The 2000s to present_ The number of jobs was higher than that of the residents. Currently, Microsoft is the leading employer. The city has evolved from a forest to a farm to a suburb to a global city.

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Best Restaurants in Bellevue:

Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar

If you are looking for classic seafood, go here. It’s a good place for business dinner. Some of the available foods are crab bisque and king salmon. However, be ready to dig deep into your pockets for these sumptuous meals.

Monsoon East

Another Bellevue wa restaurant that serves seafood and cocktail is Monsoon. You can never go wrong with their oyster, catfish, and drunken chicken.

Broiler Bay Burger

If you love burgers worry no more! Broiler Bay got you a charbroiled double bacon cheeseburger on a sesame seed bun with a large Oreo shake. You can’t afford to miss this lovely meal.

Tavern Hall

First, hand shuffleboard is available. Ale-braised brisket nachos are an ideal bar snack found there. Moreover, they offer homemade cinnamon chill whiskey whereby you can take shots and enjoy together.

Fun things to Do in Bellevue:

There is beautiful scenery and outdoor space. Some places to visit in here are;

Downtown Park. It has a manicured promenade with a scenic view of a 240-foot-wide waterfall. It is also a good spot for a picnic.

Bellevue Arts Museum. It’s also known as BAM. It offers a great display of artwork from international and local tourists. The museum is also known to host some educational workshops for children and adults.

Other places to go are Lake Sammamish and Kids Quest children’s museum.

Some of Bellevue activities you can engage in are;

  • Playing tennis at Robinswood Tennis center.
  • Skating at the skate park.

Discover fun things to do Bellevue, WA based on your interests.

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