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Fun things To Do in Bellevue

Finding some exciting activities to indulge in with friends and family in Bellevue is an easy task. The city is home to museums, beautiful lush gardens, and amusement parks for children. It offers endless activities that will leave you looking forward to the next move to indulge in. Whatever activity you choose to indulge in, you can be guaranteed of having the best time in your life and countless memories. The city is located across from lake Seattle. Let us brush over some of the places to visit in bellevue.

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Kelsey Creek Farm

The land is a stretch of about 150 acres of wetland. The park offers several activities that you and your friends can indulge in. It includes hiking, jogging, and a serene picnic site. The gardens area perfect for se picnic site where you can tag along some of your friends and have a good time over some drinks and food. Additionally, the farm is open for viewing as children can learn about the different types of animals.

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Golf Course

If you are a person who enjoys indulging in sporty activities, then the golf course is an excellent place to be. It is one of the things to do in Bellevue. The city is home to several golf courses where players can enjoy their favorite spots and catch up with friends. The well-manicured lawns are perfect for golfing. Not only is golfing a fun activity, but it is also a sport that ensures you continue to maintain body fitness while at it.

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Bellevue Botanical Garden

The botanical garden offers a serene environment for a perfect quiet time with nature. The botanical gardens are home to different species of plants. It is a place you can get to learn about other plants and have a quiet time away from the hassle and bustle of the city.

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The nightlife

Suppose you enjoy going out for drinks and dancing with friends. Bellevue offers several night entertainment spots. The spots are buzzing with activity to ensure each reveler gets to enjoy themselves. Some of the entertainment spots offer bespoke cocktails and live bands to entertain many crowds that visit. The entertainment joins include The Tavern Hall, The Suite, among other entertainment joins have got your night covered.

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The Bellevue Zip Tour

If you are a person who delights in outdoor activities, then this is one of the places you must visit. One of the bellevue activities you can indulge in is ziplining, which will give you the much-needed adrenaline rush. It is located in the beautiful east gate park. The zip line is about 78 feet to 458 feet in length, and there are six zip lines. It is a fun activity worth indulging in. Additionally, there are great views of mountains where riders can take rides around and experience the breathtaking view of the place.

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Shopping activity

Bellevue is home to several shopping malls. It is recognized as one of the major shopping stops in the world. It is home to a variety of brands, vintage retailers, department stores, and boutiques. Whatever item you are looking to shop you are bound to find it in this city. The eclectic shops, designer stores will leave you spoilt of choice on what item. Shopping is a therapeutic activity for many, and what better place to do it than in Bellevue city.

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Meydenbauer Park

The park is located close to the central district and is regarded as one of the best places to visit while in the city. The park offers a scenic view to the eyes, including the lake, the greenery of the shoreline. You can rent a canoe, kayak, and paddle away to forget about the busy life of the city.

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While in Bellevue, the activities are endless. It offers a range of activities for introverts as well as extroverts.

Discover the best restaurants in Bellevue based on your interests. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two at one of the most locally loved restaurants. Take your time and explore some of the things to do in Bellevue. 

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