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Best Restaurants in Bellevue

Don’t miss the best restaurants in Bellvue!

To hear the residents of Seattle talk, one would think that you must be within the city limits before you can get a decent meal in the Seattle area. However, people from Bellevue know that there are many restaurants in their part of town that should definitely not be missed. Whether you are looking for fine dining, or simply want to get a takeout lunch, these Bellevue restaurants are sure to hit all of your culinary craving buttons.

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Monsoon East

Are you looking for a good place to bring a date for some fine Vietnamese dining? Monsoon East is the second location from the popular Capitol Hill restaurant, however it offers the same menu and has a decent happy hour. Diners can enjoy such offerings as drunken chicken, crispy tolls and clay pot catfish, along with a variety of cocktails and specials.

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Broiler Bay burgers

Need a quick and delicious spot to grab lunch? You won’t want to miss Broiler Bay Burgers. Affordable and fast, this restaurant is the place to stop if you need to grab a charbroiled burger, onion rings and fry sauce on inexpensive furniture. The menu is fairly simple, mostly burgers and sides, but affordable and reliable, not to mention also delicious.

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Tavern Hall

This pub is much more than just a bar where you can hang out after work with friends. This establishment offers a variety of drinks along with a whole braised brisket nachos, queso, and cinnamon chili whiskey. Patrons can drink and snack and also have a round of hand shuffleboard. Prices are affordable and reasonable, and the location is central to many workplaces in Bellevue making it convenient for a place to unwind after work.

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Mercato Stellina Pizzeria

One of the culinary areas that can be lacking in Bellevue are pizza options. However, if you want to get some friends together or go somewhere affordable but nice for date night, Mercato Stellina Pizzeria is a very good option. Here, you can sample artisan pizzas with a variety of toppings that can be savory or sweet, traditional or unusual, and can include such things as fruit or potato. The establishment also offers pasta, salads and charcuterie as well.

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Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

All across the country, Ramen bars are showing up on street corners, becoming nearly as ubiquitous as Starbucks. Ramen is typically quick, cheap, and delicious, which is why you definitely don’t want to miss this location. The Ramen at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is top notch, and comes in a number of different varieties. In addition to different miso options, you can also enjoy a plate of chicken karaage or spring rolls for a very affordable price.

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Garlic crush

From the name, you wouldn’t guess that this Mediterranean restaurant offers the delicious food that it does, but if Greek and Mediterranean is what you are craving, and you don’t mind take out, you definitely want to try Garlic Crush. For vegetarians looking for restaurants in Bellevue, this is an excellent choice, especially if you like falafel or spinach pies. The lamb and beef gyro is filling, and the baklava for dessert can’t be beat anywhere else. This restaurant is quite affordable, and offers carry out, as well as outdoor seating.

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Bellevue, Washington has many more wonderful places to find a meal, but hopefully these suggestions will get you started. Although not as extensive as the Seattle area for the number of restaurants, Bellevue WA restaurants do have the advantage of offering a wide variety of different kinds of dining. No matter what you were craving, it is certain that you will find something to satisfy your hunger. Bellevue Washington restaurants certainly hold their own!

Learn about the history of Bellevue, WA. Find out how this city was founded and what it has to offer today.

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