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7 Great Places to Live in Bellevue WA

Lakemont neighborhood
Lakemont neighborhood
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Bellevue is a great city to live in. Whether you work at Microsoft, Boeing or Amazon, there are plenty of jobs for people with all sorts of interests and backgrounds. If you’re looking for a place that’s safe but still offers culture and entertainment from time to time, Bellevue might be the perfect fit! In this blog post we will explore 7 neighborhoods in Bellevue that offer different lifestyles so that you can find the one that suits your needs best.

1. Somerset

The close-knit community of Somerset is home to many homeowners. The neighborhood has highly rated public schools, like Forest Ridge School and Sacred Heart and Somerset Elementary School which help make it an excellent choice for families who want their children educated with quality teachers in safe learning environments that meet all state standards. Another attraction is Eastgate Park where residents have enjoyed walking their dogs on leash or letting them play while you read together under shade trees. There are also coffee shops just waiting for you on any given day. Somerset is a beautiful place to watch fireworks with its many views of Lake Washington, the Olympic mountains and Seattle. It’s an excellent location for Fourth of July celebrations or New Year’s Eve festivities since it offers scenic panoramas perfect for viewing these events.

2. Lakemont

Lakemont is an area of the city that has many parks and hiking trails. It’s often used to refer to Cougar Mountain, where Lakemont Park resides as well as Lewis Creek Park.
Lakemont is a great place to live if you’re looking for breathtaking views and plenty of green space. The people who call it home are also equally pleased with their surroundings, as this area offers access not only to Issaquah schools but the Bellevue district too.

3. Meydenbauer

There are many reasons why residents in Meydenbauer love their community. The neighborhood’s location just off the Downtown area of Washington means that they get all of the excitement and amenities without any noise or major traffic issues and makes this place feel like home right away. The average age may be higher than other parts but there are many factors why this area attracts seniors: low crime rate due to its proximity and walkability which makes getting around mostly hassle-free. 

4. Beaux Arts Village

The Beaux Arts Village is a small town located on the eastern shore of Lake Washington. With just 300 people living there, residents love its laid-back atmosphere and true hometown feel. There is no town hall in this neighborhood, with official city business meetings taking place in private homes. It is a highly desired neighborhood due to its location near both Seattle and the Eastside. Founded in 1908, this area has both vintage houses as well as those built more recently that are available for purchase or rent at affordable prices.

Beaux Arts Village
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5. Newport Hills

The influx of residents to the Newport Hills has created a great community. Not only is it within walking distance from New Port Heights Elementary School, but Coal Creek Parkway provides an opportunity for history buffs with its rich artifacts and waterfalls that are perfect for family outings or scenic walks along trails filled with beautiful nature. The best thing about this neighborhood is that it’s very walkable. It has good nighttime lighting and pets are allowed too, which means you can enjoy your evening stroll with Fido or Fluffy on paw.

6. Woodridge

If you are looking for a place that feels like home, then the community of Woodridge may be perfect. With many parks within its borders including Woodridge Water Tower Park, Bannerwood Ballfield Park and Norwood Village Park it will not only offer great scenery but also provide shade from hot summer suns rays! Woodridge Hill is a quiet and family-friendly neighborhood that offers beautiful views of Lake Washington, downtown Seattle or Seattle make this place highly rated by those who live there. In the community, there are swim lessons and competitive teams for both children and adults. The outdoor pool offers a refreshing way to cool off.

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7. Eastgate

Eastgate has two school districts offering many different elementary and middle schools options, making it the ideal place for families to locate, and is one of Bellevue’s more recently developed communities.  I-90 runs through the Eastgate neighborhood, it provides easy access to shopping and dining. As well as a spectacular community park that is loved by many people living there. Nearby Vaca Park can also be easily accessed from here with no problem at all. You’ll spot several upscale housing developments along the way too so make sure not to miss out on all these great amenities by staying close enough for home sweet homesteads.

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